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Issue Archives

Volume 1, Issue 9
Taco Bell blackout; Online video captures attention on smartphones

Volume 1, Issue 8
Twitter as PR platform of choice? GE enters Big Data; E-Bay and The Knot entice with mobile campaigns

Volume 1, Issue 7
New tools and opportunities for healthcare communicators; the next Ice Bucket Challenge is…?

Volume 1, Issue 6
Say “Hello” to Ello; How Big Brands Are Using Mobile For Engagement

Volume 1, Issue 5
The Rise of Video Marketing in PR; Brands ditching FB for microsites; Millenials use mobile differently

Volume 1, Issue 4
The Measurement Edition

Volume 1, Issue 3
Unilever’s digital revamp; Indiegogo Outpost; PR & wearables; Content Drives Donors to Give

Volume 1, Issue 2
Is your cloud safe? Digitization of China’s Media and Exposing PR’s Weakenesses

Volume 1, Issue 1
Digital Transformation – how are we doing? Five Technology Trends PR Pros Should Salivate Over