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Digital PR News

Taco Bell Blacks Out Its Social Sites to Launch Mobile App
As part of the launch of its mobile-ordering and payment app today, Taco Bell has blacked out its social- media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and even its website. The idea is to play up the announcement and attract attention with a Twitter feed, Facebook page and website all showing nothing but a black screen. Each of those pages only offered offer a link to the app download, which will be available for both iOS and Android phones.

Research: Video ads best capture attention on smartphones
Mood, content genre and location don't have nearly as much of an influence on how much attention viewers pay to digital video ads as which device users see the ads on, researchers from YuMe and IPG Media Lab found. Smartphones beat out tablets and PCs for the highest attention rate, and the device on which the ad was viewed also positively influenced purchase intent.

Microsoft Plans To Launch A Wearable Device Within Weeks
Microsoft is gearing up to launch a wearable device within the next few weeks, Forbes has learned. The gadget is a smart watch that will passively track a wearer's heart rate and work across different mobile platforms. It will also boast a battery life of more than two days of regular use, sources close to the project say.

Google mobile ads get more clicks, less money
Mobile ads command lower prices than desktop ads, so Google's average cost-per-click has fallen even as the number of clicks increases.

Twitter's 'Fabric' to Offer Olive Branch to Developers—and PR Lesson for Communicators
Twitter wants to kiss and make up. At the company's developer conference the company is expected to make amends with app makers who got ticked off a couple of years ago when Twitter imposed strict rules around applications that plug into the social-media platform.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center explain concussion treatments through microsite
As major sports leagues evolve the way they deal with player concussions, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has launched a website to better explain the issue.

Have companies become too enthralled with big data?
Communications specialist Michael Maslansky talks with TRUE about the current corporate obsession with big data that may get in the way of understanding what motivates customers.

Facebook Wants to Host Publishers' Content Directly on Its Mobile App
For publishers and brands who rely on desktop-based or even print-based models, the use of smaller screens represents a big problem, and not many of them have found good ways to deliver their content on mobile devices while still making money. Visit your favorite news source's mobile site or use its app and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Each one is set up a bit differently in terms of navigation and reading space, and ads can be obtrusive and painfully slow-loading. On Facebook, the layout is familiar, and ads—which are generally fewer—load quicker in less prominent spaces.

Why Do Facebook Ads Bother People?
Every time Facebook rolls out an update, people clamber to discuss whether advertising will become more "invasive" into the experience.   Every time Facebook shuffles things around or come up with new ideas, there is a huge outcry from people who would prefer it stays the same.  The biggest concern is that the ads become bigger or more distracting, but plenty of people complain loudly about them the way they are right now. The question is why?

Three challenges McDonald's will face rolling out 14,500 Facebook pages
It's no easy task for McDonald's to roll out 14,500 Facebook pages by next year. To do so, it must invest in staffing, get all stakeholders completely on board, and guarantee trust between executives and local employees, say PR pros.

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Digital PR Best Practices

4 Ways to Write and Manage Your PR Content With Google in Mind
Your first audience for your PR writing is Google, which stands between you and those people you want to reach. Only if you create content with Google's search algorithm in mind as the first processor of your content can you reach human beings on the other side of your screen.

Social media is easier than PR
The danger of recruiting a social media expert is that you get someone who is brilliant at using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but doesn't know how to use social media for real strategic public relations.

It's Not an SEO's Job to Create Content
yet another piece of evidence for why we're (and public relations) in a better position than SEO consultancies to implement organic search campaigns.

Every Online Interaction with Your Readers Can Be a Brand-building Moment
Every online touch point offers the chance for storytelling and making an impression that builds your brand. Keep in mind that my definition of storytelling in business does not mean building out a story arc with a protagonist, bad stuff and redemption. Just having fun with language can qualify as business storytelling.

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