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October 10, 2014 | Subscribe
Editor's Note: Healthcare communicators today have more opportunities to explore and take advantage of the various tools and digital mediums than they did even 5 years ago.   With big health-related changes coming to social networks, it's now more important than ever to embrace emerging trends to better communicate with the healthcare industry and consumers it serves.

Facebook Readies to Take on Healthcare
While it's very preliminary—Facebook itself hasn't officially confirmed the story—it signals an emerging development of consequence to the entire healthcare industry and the consumers it serves.
What Changes in Paid Search and Social Marketing Mean for Health Care Content
Significant changes by Google, Facebook and Twitter will impact how health care communicators reach target audiences
#FeelingNuts on Twitter is raising testicular cancer awareness
 With summer in the rear-view mirror, a new and less chilling online campaign seems to have replaced the Ice Bucket Challenge. #FeelingNuts is highly visible on Twitter, and it could help doctors and other health care professionals, well, handle a delicate subject.

Use email marketing to create better relationships with patients
With the changing face of health care marketing, it's important now more than ever to have an email marketing campaign for your practice.
Inbound Marketing Brings Fresh Air to Healthcare
Inbound marketing, loosely defined as the art and science of drawing visitors to your organization on their own terms (versus obtrusively pushing your messages onto them), represents a seismic shift in the way businesses develop content and market themselves, as well as in the way audiences access and process information.

Digital PR News

A Whisper Campaign Started Over the Virgin Group's New Hotels
VIRGIN HOTELS, a brand of Richard Branson's Virgin Group, on Wednesday will unveil a new website and video describing its new lodging concept.
Too Much of a Good Thing: Big Data Paralysis
Paralysis by overanalysis. It happens to gamblers in the Vegas sports books. It happens to everyone who plays fantasy sports. It happens to all types of people in many different ways. It occurs when people have too much information – overanalyzing to the extent they outthink themselves until they are completely lost.
Using Data to Measure the Business Impact of PR
When assessing the ROI of a publicity campaign, it's standard practice to assess high-level results, such as the number of reads a message has received and the number of times a message was shared on social networks: these metrics are good measures of how well a message resonated with the audience.  But PR measurement shouldn't stop there.
A Manifesto for Building Relationships in the Digital Era
Welcome to "What if PR stood for people & relationships? A manifesto for building relationships in the digital era" written by Brian Solis and wonderfully illustrated by Hugh MacLeod. Sponsored by Vocus, the book captures PR's dilemma today and where it needs to be tomorrow
Marketers Don't Need to Be Data Scientists
Marketers today are often working with data that is similarly hard to parse. There's been a lot of hype has been about "Mad Men" becoming "Math Men." But this is the opposite of how we should be thinking about it.

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Digital PR Best Practices

Infographic: Scientifically proven ways to get more Instagram engagement
Here are the filters, captions, subjects and colors your photos should have to get the most 'likes' and comments.
How to Get Your Message Out Via Instagram
With that in mind, here are several tips on how to communicate your brand's identify via Instagram, compliments of Matthew Clyde, chief strategist and founder of Ideas Collide
Google Analytics for PR Pros: 4 Things You Should Know
Whether you are gathering website data for your own firm or a client, understanding what the information you are collecting means and how it can translated into actionable business intelligence is crucial in making sound recommendations. When it comes to tools, none are more ubiquitous or important than Google Analytics, with its vast data segments that can be pulled and analyzed.
What PR Professionals Can Learn from the CIA on Twitter
Using Humor, Sharing good deeds and posting human interest stories
Is That Large Image a Hero or Zero for Your Web Goals?
You can't surf the web these days without coming across sites that have a really large image dominating the home page. Generally called "hero" images, these are intended to have visual impact that makes you want to read the content.


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